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Meteórica Cine

About Us

Meteórica is a production company lead by Raúl García and Alba Prol to produce and create all kind of audiovisual content for TV, film, advertisement and online digital platforms. We produce, film, edit and  post-produce our own and external assignments up to a high standard according to the current industry requirements. 

The last projects we produced are: the internationally awarded travel documentary series "The Great Way" (Fully produced, directed, written, filmed, edited and postproduced by Meteórica Cine), the TV show "Anacos de Vida" (Directing, presenting, filming & editing for Arraianos, TVG.); the documentary "Sporting: 50 anos de sentimento" (Sporting Celanova Club and Sports Schools of Celanova, Ourense); the music videos "Inmortal", "Despertar", "Sólo algunas veces" (N.E.O);  life performance report of "Playtronica + 16 Pineapples" at Curtocircuito Film Festival for ZoomIn TV (Netherlands) ; Promotional spots for the Atlantic Galician Islands National Park and the Parliament of Galicia (Arraianos and Xunta de Galicia); the audiovisuals for the exhibition "Marcelo Macías, 175 aniversario" (Archelogical Museum of Ourense and ABANCA Bank);  the anniversary DVD concert of music group Tregua + guests (Tregua); the documentary "Viaje al fin de la noche" of Los Suaves music group (Santo Grial Productions, Sol Música) ; or the web series "El Quid" (El Sótano, Antena 3).

The CEOs

Meteórica Cine

Alba Prol Cid

CEO & Marketing Affairs

Raúl García 

Founder, CEO & Executive Producer

Since 2011 she has taken part in a variety of TV and film productions as director, producer, TV presenter, reporter, camera operator and editor.

She directed the documentaries "A Mestra de Escola",  "When the Sun Hits Hardest" (UWE, Community Channel, UK), filmed and produced others such as "Viaje al FIn de la Noche" or "Galiza Emerxente",  she worked in the production of films "A Esmorga", "Vilamor" (Via Láctea Filmes) and "Nove Ondas" (Noveolas Producciones). She presented the TV show "Anacos de Vida" (Arraianos for TVG.); she was a reporter for "Especial San Xoán", "A noite das luces", "Especial San Roque" and "Aquí Galicia" (Setemedia for TVG).  She worked at factual TV show "Casamos" (Zenit TV for TVG. Producer, reporter, camera operator) and the webseries "El Quid", "Ángelica y Roberta" or"Clases de lo Social"; she filmed several advertising campaigns,  music videos and short films.


She currently works at Meteórica Cine and teachs Film & Media at different Vocational Careers & Higher Technical Studies such as Escola de Imaxe e Son da Coruña, CTV or IES Audiovisual de Vigo.

Since 2007 he has been working as director, scriptwriter, producer, camera operator and editor in a wide range of TV and film productions. 

He directed TV factual "Cos Pés Na Terra" (Filmax for TVG. Director and Scriptwriter,), "Casamos" (Zenit TV for TVG. Director and scriptwriter); he scripted the drama series"Fontealba" (Atlántida media for TVG), "O Faro/The Lighthouse" (Atlántida media for TVG, TV Ctalunya, TV Aragón, Canal Sur, Tele Madrid y RUBIX - Iran and Irak-). He took part in the development of TV drama series for TVE, ETB, CANAL9 and TVG, as "L'Alquería Blanca". He has also worked in advertisement directing in the spots "Tu amistad es el camino" for the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela Foundation, "Un camino para comérselo" and “El Camino Inglés” for TurGalicia Galician Tourism Office, among others. He also took part in the documentary production “Extremo Sur: un viaje al Fin del Mundo” (Zenit TV for TVG, Canal 9 and Canal Sur; “Así se hizo Un buen hombre” (Tornasol Films); "En las Tripas de la Bestia: el rodaje de Lobos de Arga" (Vértice Cine and Vaca Films).

Currently he combines his work at Meteórica Cine with teaching Media Production at  University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) at Audiovisual Communication Honours Degree.

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